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August 08, 2022


Data made simple and easy to understand allowing you time to save and make better decisions. 

How it works

1) Campus leaders upload testing data from Eduphoria/DMAC to

2) Eukolos uses an algorithm that shows where students under or overperformed based on their testing history

3) Campus leaders get data back that shows:

  • a. Which students have the greatest opportunity for growth
  • b. Which TEKS teachers have the greatest opportunity for growth

TCMPC and TEKS Resource System

The TEKS Resource System can help schools bridge gaps in their curricular and instructional systems by creating a comprehensive, customizable, curriculum and assessment management system. Here at Education Service Center, Region 2 we offer TEKS-aligned curriculum, resources, and assessment items for each of the core subject areas and bilingual for one flat yearly price.

TEKS Implementation Guides

The Implementation Guide is designed to support campus leaders and teachers in breaking down the TRS Instructional Focus Document to ensure strategic pacing. Each implementation guide provides objectives and suggested formative assessments to guide curriculum planning. Guides also address specific roles and actions for campus and instructional leaders.


The TExGUIDE serves as a bridge between curriculum, aligned resources, and instructional planning. TExGUIDEs provide teachers with a platform to easily access TEKS-aligned resources; they increase the efficiency and quality of lesson planning for teachers and positively impact student performance.

DMAC Solutions

Data Management for Assessment and Curriculum (DMAC®) Solutions provides web-based software to help districts improve the quality of education provided to students. DMAC offers a suite of applications to assist with data disaggregation, benchmarking, assessment, student achievement, progress monitoring, curriculum planning, and more. With each application, DMAC guarantees your data will be accessible, reliable, secure, and supported.

TEKSbank and Eduphoria


TEKSbank questions are designed based on an in-depth analysis of the TEKS, the STAAR released items, and assessment best practices. The questions can be used by teachers and administrators to build assessments in an online application.

Contact us for information regarding TEKSbank:




Eduphoria is a suite of online tools to help you manage assessments, curriculum, staff development & evaluation, facilities and more.

Contact us for information regarding Eduphoria:


Mastery Item Bank

The Mastery Item Bank (formerly Certica Navigate Item Bank) contains 94,000 robust test items (69,000 of which are correlated to TX standards), rich learning metadata, and the most updated standards alignment, curated by a team of subject-matter experts. Subjects covered include K-12 Math and ELA, 3-12 Science, and 5-12 Social Studies. Test items are searchable by cognitive level and are available in a variety of types, including constructed response and 20,000 Spanish translated items.


Eduhero is a fully customized website aimed at helping LEAs and businesses learn material through engaging on-demand courses. Eduhero strives to provide activities, videos, and questions that would not typically be seen on an online course or in face-to-face training. Eduhero also pushes the boundaries for online professional development by providing the ability to complete courses from the comfort of your home or office environment.

Eduhero is made by Texas educators for Texas educators. The course catalog is crafted by members of the education community and built to meet the needs of Texas schools. Many of our districts still have their own development program, but use Eduhero to meet their statewide needs.

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