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Teacher Externship Program

December 17, 2017

The Region 2, WeTeach_CS Collaborative is pleased to announce the award of grant funding to support the creation of a Teacher Externship Program during the summer of 2017.  Teachers from the Region 2, WeTeach_CS and TRCEMT Collaboratives are eligible to apply.  Support for the summer Teacher Externship Program is made possible with the collaboration and time commitment from our partners, Gignac Architects, Hi-Res Media Group, and LionSoft, LLC. Selected teachers will engage in seven days of paid, on-site experience coupled with facilitated lesson planning. Overall goals for this project are:

(1) engage teachers in learning about STEM industries and workplaces in the community to turn their experiences into classroom lessons, (2) provide a structure for collaboration among teachers and STEM industry partners, and (3) provide opportunities for teachers to share their experiences with students and the larger school community.  

Teacher Externship Interest Application: 

The 2017 Teacher Externship program has come to a close. Check back often for future opportunities to participate in Teacher Externships at ESC, Region2!
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